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St Mary’s the Virgin Church and Hall

photo 1 st marys 1

St Mary’s The Virgin Church

photo 1 St Marys Hall

St Marys’s Church Hall

photo 2 st Marys

St Mary’s The Virgin Church

St Mary’s the Virgin Church and Hall (1936) 9 Ridge St , South Perth.     Architect: W.G  Bennett of Eales, Cohen and Bennett ( the same architect and builder as the Raffles Hotel) . The column (1960) and apartments were added much later. Built in the Interwar Skyscraper Gothic style, it has been restored and has an imposing position on the hill. It features horizontal recessed banding with areas of plain wall and a massing of geometric elements on the Ridge Street side and a hipped tiled roof.

The concrete front to the hall has three vertical windows with St. Mary’s Hall incised above them. The walls are curved with seven horizontal lines around the building which have been highlighted in green to emphasize the lines.

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