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23 Karoo St. South Perth

Karoo st

23 Karoo St


23 Karoo St, Sth Perth.

A private dwelling. Lovely Californian bungalow of the mid 1930″s. Architects : Eales and Cohen


  1. Hello we’re relatives George Mawley the original owner of 23 Karoo st south Perth and we’re wondering when it was built..

    • Hi Craig,
      Sorry for the long delay in answering. I have checked the Municipal Inventory and it is not on it, as well as all the other lovely houses in the immediate vicinity.
      As far as I can tell 1934/35 would be the most accurate. Horace Costello built similar houses in Como, the only one left is on the corner of Coode and Eric Streets and was built in 1930. This was at the beginning of the Depression and nothing was built after that until about 1934.
      Thank you for your interest.
      Kind regards,

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