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Institute of Agriculture

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Institute of Agriculture

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staircase agriculture building

staircase inside building

Institute of Agriculture (1938) Near Hackett Drive, this building which is part of the University Of Western Australia, was designed by the Architectural firm of Baxter, Cox and Leighton. On the walls of the tower are three bas-relief panels modelled by Edward Kohler, illustrating the phases in the history of agriculture and symbolising the fruitfulness of the earth, and a large panel over the main entrance which was design by William Leighton and represents Ceres, the Goddess of Agriculture. (Christine Shervington – former UWA archivist June 1991 and Frank Roberts Dept of Architecture). There is also a very fine staircase in Art Deco style at the east end of this building, also using glass blocks in the window spaces which were one of the more practical features of the buildings of the thirties.


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