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Fremantle Biscuit Factory Apartments

Biscuit factory

 Fremantle Biscuit Factory Apartments (Former Arnotts Mills and Wares Biscuit factory) corner of South Terrace and Jenkin St, South Fremantle. (1930’s)

Imposingly situated on the corner of South Terrace and Jenkin St,  as it is now known was built in 1898, and the Industrial Art Deco frontage was built in the 1930’s. It was built by William Mills and Henry Ware as the Mill’s and Ware’s Biscuit factory and later Arnott’s was an integral part of the history of Fremantle for over a hundred years.



  1. Is this the same place that used to be in O’Connor? That sold lamingtons and pies to the public?

    • Hi Jean,
      Sorry for the long delay in answering. Mills and Wares then Arnotts, as far as I can tell were always in that position. My uncle was an engineer for Mills and Wares until he retired in the early seventies. They did the development of the site in the late nineties around 1997, I think. The company may then have transferred to Oconnor but not sure.
      thank you for your interest.
      Kind regards,

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