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Guildford Fire Station

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Guildford Fire Station

Guildford fire station house

Guildford Fire Station House, a distant angle

guildford fire station, a distant angle

guildford fire station, a distant angle

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Guildford Fire Station House

Guildford Fire Station (1934) Meadow St , Guildford.

Built by KC Duncan. He was a fireman with the Guildford Volunteers and went on to design many fire stations in WA.  The design used for Guildford was used in other stations in WA.but the Guildford Station was unique in that it was the only house and station to be built by a municipality in WA. The bell tower still remains on site.

Fire Station Quarters .  The two bed roomed house contained kitchen, lounge and area for telephone communication and external toilet. The Volunteer Fire Brigade closed and relocated to new premises at Forrestfield in 2014.

A rare surviving example of a fire station and family residence on the same site. Built in the inter-war style.

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